An Interview with the Founder of Smart Connect

February 13, 2022

– Tell us about yourself and what do you do?

I’m Omar, a Communication and Electronic Engineering student. I’m the owner of the Smart Connect Project for smart buildings in Mosul.

– What are the goals, visions and missions of your projects?

My goal is to provide solutions that would make people’s lives easier and help them save the most possible amount of money. I want everything to be simple and perfect.

– What’s special about your business?

The goal of this project is to make people’s lives much easier and to provide a lot of useful services to them. We also work very carefully and take care of every little detail while working.

– What are you working on right now?

I am currently trying to coordinate and improve our team’s management so I can work with all clients in Mosul and create another system that controls the work in other cities.

– Do you work locally only or do you work internationally too?

We only work inside of Iraq at the moment.

– How do you promote your business and the services that you provide?

In the beginning, when I present a product, it has to solve a problem that many people suffer from, and helps making their lives much easier and it should be useful. Based on this principle, we start our advertising campaign.

– What was Omar like before participating in the Business Shortcut Training by Asiacell?

I had a technical experience but I didn’t have any experience in administration, finance and marketing. Business Shortcut helped me in improving and developing these skills which also contributed in starting my own business.

– What was the turning point in your Business? How did QAF Lab help you in developing your business?

The turning point was when I started implementing my work in a house or a room. QAF Lab helped me in growing my business with more challenges and these challenges help in developing any person’s skills.

– What challenges did you face at the beginning of your business? How did QAF Lab help you to overcome these challenges?

When you start a new and big business, you will surely face a lot of challenges. QAF Lab taught me how to overcome these challenges easier and how to plan them correctly.

– How many employees did you have at the beginning and how many are they now?

I started working on my own with the help of my friends and relatives but now we have 30 people in the team.

– Describe your life as an entrepreneur in one word?

An adventure.

– What inspired you to start this business? And why?

I always wanted to start a business and I did. Right now, I think I could become an example for others. It inspires me to look back and see where I was and where I have become. There’s a change every year.

– If you had one piece of advice to someone who’s starting his/her business, what would it be?

Keep going, even if it was a simple idea, don’t stop because your will to continue and all the attempts you do, are enough to get you to your goal no matter how long it takes.