Is an innovation hub in the heart of Mosul, where young entrepreneurs can fuse their skills and talent to pursue their passion.

Our Mission

Leverage human capacity for entrepreneurs across iraq, by enriching the local private sector with successful small businesses enabled by micro funds.

Our Vision

Enabling entrepreneurs in iraq.

Our Culture and Values

QAF delivers tremendous opportunities for smart, savvy, entrepreneurial individuals looking to change the nature of how companies communicate and collaborate in today’s highly mobile and increasingly social workplace.

At qaf, opportunities to shine happen daily. We value what makes you unique, and encourage you to act on your ideas no matter how pie in the sky. you bring skills and a customer-first mentality, and we’ll bring the tools and environment you need to do the best work of your life.

We are committed to creating a culture of inclusivity, where there are opportunities for all, everyone feels like empowered to make a difference, and different perspectives are valued.

It's our job to passionately champion our customers by providing the best tools, services, and inspiration to help them meet their obligations and thrive in the process.