Aspiring the next
generation of kids

ARTI Club is a community that help deliver innovative and inspirational education programs based on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts, Math) with interactive design to inspire and develop the next generation talent.

ARTI Club is the perfect place for the smart and talented kids who have the passion and love for knowledge, and also the desire to create totally new different things and try it for real investment in children’s ability to innovate and expand their perceptions at an advanced age.

ARTI Club gives kids an opportunity to learn about the latest innovative methods of teaching calculation techniques (Abacus). Such techniques help develop intellectual and mental skills, and the visual memory where kids will be able to calculate many mathematical equations mentally in a few seconds in addition to the highest technology of robotics. Kids will be able to design, create, program and test their own robot by the help of engineers specialized in this field.

Programming will develop a child’s way of thinking and teach him/her how to deal with issues differently from others. Preparing children for what the future will need is one of our main aims. Nowadays, the global development in various fields adds many requirements for future generations. In the future, the competition will require capabilities that are commensurate with the scientific and technological development.

The Club helps kids develop their talent and discover positive aspirations for themselves and their communities. All necessary materials, including motors, gears, pulleys, wheels and axies, and laptops will be available for kids use. Great teamwork will be executed by completing the challenge. Robotic is the future of our next generations. Not only do our robotics programs help to establish science, technology, engineering, and math concepts, they also work to build on students’ team-building skills as they work to complete fun challenges. These collaborative skills are essential for student success, no matter what subject they choose to pursue in the future. Robotics is a multi-disciplinary tool that is being increasingly used worldwide in educational programs to motivate, excite, and inspire students about math and science.