SynergyHub Event at QAF Lab

On March 7th, 2024, within the framework of the ProDIGI Project by GIZ Iraq, QAF Lab, in collaboration with KAPITA Business Hub, hosted a SynergyHub event.
The event underscored the burgeoning digital transformation underway in Iraq, emphasizing that such transformation does not obviate traditional business models. Rather, it extends beyond mere digitization of tasks to encompass the strategic management and adaptation of existing business frameworks. It entails addressing foundational challenges while simultaneously innovating upon them.

Notably, Iraq’s economic landscape is undergoing a significant metamorphosis, heralding fresh prospects for financial inclusion and reshaping individuals’ approaches to monetary management. This shift promises to identify market voids and foster innovative solutions, thus fostering a culture of continuous entrepreneurship.

Furthermore, the event featured an insightful panel discussion delineating strategies for recent graduates to navigate entry into the job market and proactively cultivate their skill sets to capitalize on diverse employment prospects.