Takaful Promotion

Cooperative work in society is considered the third sector that can achieve the goals and plans of development and national transformation. Based on this idea, Al-Ghad Radio launched its charitable initiative under the name “Takaful”.

This initiative is an opportunity to donate to all segments of society and age groups, to contribute to alleviating the suffering of the needy and assisting orphans, vulnerable groups and people affected by the current crisis. “Takaful” aims to promote community cohesion and internal support. The key idea is to be a link between the appeals and cases that reach Al-Ghad Radio and the volunteer teams that are currently working in Mosul. The Radio is also coordinating with a local Tech team, which creates a complete online system for that initiative.

The Radio system receives the appeals, classify the data and coordinate it efficiently with the teams on the ground. Then, the appeals are connected to its geographical zones which allow the team to have a more efficient working plan when it comes to access or distribution. This developed concept is a protype model which can be used to provide different level of services that require a high level of coordination between the community.