Tedx Maydan Promotion Videos


TEDx Youth@Maydan is the first global stage event held in the city of Mosul. It aims to introduce the war-torn city in a different way. Various stories of suffering, hope and success were tackled to highlight the human wealth and potentials of this ancient city. Maydan is the name of the oldest district in Mosul. It is known for multiethnic diversity and unique architecture. Unfortunately, it was hugely demolished during the battle to liberate the city from ISIS.

The event is organized by a group of young people of the city. They worked really hard to prove their potentiality to host the first global event ever in the city. The organizing committee includes six main members. They are all specialized in organizing events and social entrepreneurship.

This event was sponsored by Radio Al-Ghad, the first independent radio station to broadcast in Mosul under ISIS control, and supported by Qaf Media Lab, the first innovation hub in the heart of Mosul.