Virtual Reality Revives Mosul’s War-Ravaged Heritage

Under the title ‘Virtual reality revives Mosul’s war-ravaged heritage’, many prominent newspapers and news websites including (Enca, Al-Jadeed, Midar, Al-Watan and Al-Itihad) have recently highlighted QAF Lab’s VR Museum inside the Mosul Heritage House. These newspapers wrote about the experience of one of the visitors. “It takes you to another world,” said Mahiya Youssef, pulling the VR goggles off at the Mosul Heritage House museum, after exploring the 3D images of some damaged buildings.

“I really wish it was the real Mosul, not just a virtual version”, added Youssef, who works in a food factory north of the city. “The return to reality is painful.”

Abdullah Bashar, who is a 3D designer at QAF Lab and is one of the contributors to this project, said: “”We used personal photos and shots taken by residents to reconstruct the sites in their former state.”

Abdullah and other specialized engineers from QAF Lab have brought the former scenes back to life, in a project which aims to save and revive the memory of Mosul.