World Heritage Day

On a daily basis, individuals across the globe pay homage to their cultural heritage by embodying the essence of who they are and where they come from. However, once a year, a special day is dedicated to commemorating the shared history and heritage of humanity. World Heritage Day serves as a platform to celebrate the rich tapestry of global cultures and to raise awareness about the preservation of important cultural landmarks and sites.

As part of QAF Lab’s ongoing commitment to heritage preservation, we have meticulously documented numerous significant heritage sites in Iraq over the years. Presently, we are implementing innovative technologies in documentation to enhance the immersive experience of these records, rendering them both engaging and informative.

We would also like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to both international and national organizations and institutions that have demonstrated exemplary leadership in the preservation, restoration, and promotion of heritage sites. Among these esteemed entities are UNESCO, ALIPH – International alliance for the protection of heritage in conflict areas, World Monuments Fund, Musée du Louvre, Mosul Heritage Foundation, Bytna Foundation, and others.

World Heritage Day serves as a poignant reminder of the invaluable role that culture and heritage play in shaping our collective identity and fostering a deeper appreciation for the diversity of human experience.