FAQ about QAF

What is QAF?

QAF Media Lab is an innovation hub in the heart of Mosul, where young entrepreneurs can fuse their skills and talent to pursue their passion. Mission is to leverage human capacity for entrepreneurs across Iraq, by enriching the local private sector with successful small businesses enabled by micro funds. It aims to change the current local perception of innovation hubs and seeks to be an effective business partner to any idea or established businesses by providing the necessary professional support needed. It is the place for those who are looking to be part of the next big wave in the local private sector progression.

Why the name QAF?

QAF is one of the distinctive Arabic letters that has a strong weight. It is one of the letters found in all Semitic languages and includes (Arabic, Hebrew, Aramaic, Syriac, and ancient Abyssinian). In an attempt to preserve the identity and origin of the language, we choose this distinctive letter to be the name of an institution with strong dreams applied on the land of Mosul.