IRADA Network, unveiled at the ‘Reintegrating the Iraqi Business Landscape’ conference, is a collaborative initiative led by a consortium including QAF Lab, RWANGA Foundation, Computiq, The Station, Makers of Baghdad, KAPITA, and Tafa3ul Hub.

This visionary network unites influential players from across Iraq, such as Computiq, The Station, Makers of Baghdad, and KAPITA Business Hub. With a dual focus on policy formulation and development, and raising awareness, IRADA aims to fortify Iraq’s private sector.

By championing small and medium-sized enterprises, startups, and youth communities, it seeks to create an investment-friendly environment. QAF Lab, a key contributor, is an impact-driven innovation hub committed to fostering entrepreneurship in Nineveh, serving as a catalyst for the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Together, IRADA and QAF Lab strive to catalyze positive change, driving sustainable growth and empowerment in Iraq’s business landscape.