Sadara Farm

  • Sadara Farm is a strategic agricultural venture that utilizes cutting-edge technologies and practices to cultivate high-quality crops.
  • Incubated by QAF Lab, the Sadara Farm takes a unique approach in the agriculture sector by utilizing state-of-the-art technology to track essential resources such as water, electricity, and fertilizers throughout the farming seasons.
  • Our difference lies not only in our advanced irrigation methods but also in our dedication to data-driven practices. While many farmers solely focus on the harvest itself, we go a step further by also reaping a bountiful harvest of comprehensive data and information.
  • Recognizing that knowledge is crucial in the farming world, we prioritize data collection to enhance our efficiency and continuously adapt to changing conditions.
  • Our key areas of focus include irrigation management, power utilization, fertilization techniques, seed testing, and soil monitoring.
  • By integrating cutting-edge technology and leveraging data, we revolutionize traditional wheat farming practices and pave the way for a productive and sustainable future.