For a Better Virtual Experience

A team of designers interested in creating an integrated virtual environment, whether it is fiction or derived from reality, according to the available sources for the element to be built so that it is identical with the original. Our team is passionate in what they do, and are driven to make the transformational power of VR accessible to all. Our culture is one of collaboration, free thinking, flexibility, and overachieving.
We do teamwork differently – with more excitement, more group dynamics, and experience that give your team the most value. VR team is made exclusively of individuals that want to be positioned at the forefront of VR revolution both competitively and as pioneers in the industry. All of our team’s members have both the drive and ability needed to compete at the highest level VR industry has to offer.
We think VR will be the primary way people will work and connect in the future.  We see the value of connecting virtual and physical spaces to optimize office space.  All of us as part of Qaf Media Lab’s teams are excited by immersive technologies and we see its potential in boosting productivity and consolidating team identity for distributed teams.