A Meteoric Journey from Intern to Tech Pro

November 28, 2023
Moyasser Hazim Mohammed : A Meteoric Journey from Intern to Tech Pro

We are delighted to share the remarkable success story of Moyasser, a talented
individual who transitioned from being an intern to a valuable member of the QAF
Lab family. His journey exemplifies the incredible potential and opportunities that
can arise from dedicated internship programs.

He joined QAF Lab with a passion for mobile development, eager to embark on a
learning adventure within our software engineering team. Over the course of three
intensive months, he not only demonstrated a strong work ethic but also showcased
exceptional skills that set him apart.

His commitment and outstanding performance during the training period did not go
unnoticed. Recognizing Moyasser’s potential, QAF Lab offered him a work contract
to continue contributing to our dynamic projects. Currently, he is actively engaged
in the development of an application for one of QAF Lab’s prestigious clients.
What makes his story even more inspiring is the exciting opportunity that awaits
him. Soon, he will be collaborating directly with a Canadian company, taking on a
crucial role in identifying job opportunities for ambitious young individuals seeking
to work with foreign companies. This underscores QAF Lab’s commitment to
fostering international collaborations and creating pathways for talented individuals
to thrive in the global job market.

Moyasser’s success story is not just about personal achievement; it symbolizes QAF
Lab’s dedication to nurturing talent and providing a platform for individuals to grow
and excel.

We congratulate Moyasser on his achievements and look forward to witnessing the
continued success of our interns as they embark on their own transformative